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Hard-Charging Australian Submarine Temporarily Sidelined During RIMPAC 2012 by Leak Causing...

While participating at RIMPAC 2012 HMAS Farncomb experienced flooding while cruising at periscope depth during an exercise and was forced to surface. The sub sailed to Hawaii for repairs. With Farncomb’s departure from her assigned area of operations, Australia was reduced to a force of only one mission-capable submarine as the fleet’s remaining four submarines were undergoing maintenance and repairs.

Ex USNS Ships Concord and Kilauea Sunk by Australian, Canadian Submarines

The Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) Collins Class submarine HMAS Farncomb has successfully sunk a target ship, the 12,106-tonne former USNS (United States Navy Ship) Kilauea in Hawaii using one Mk 48 torpedo for the attack

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