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Vuzix Develops Wearable Avionics for a Major Aviation Company

Vuzix' smart glasses like this M100 are widely used in technical support, providing expert advice, video support, supervision and auditing for technicians. The new applications will likely utilize these technologies with cutting-edge augmented reality, introducing wearable avionic devices used by the flight crew into the cockpit

This IronVision Helmet Can See Through Armor

IronVision, Elbit Systems' new Helmet Mounted Display (HMS) provides crew members of combat vehicles with 360-degree panoramic situational awareness , as they can ‘see-through’ their vehicle's armor in real-time, creating a complete and clear visualization of the battlefield, under close hatches.

A Bio Sensing Helmet Would Take Control When the Pilot Can’t

Canary, Elbit Systems'' bio-sensing helmet is fitted with unique sensors that measure physiological life signs. Monitoring the pilot’s heartbeat, blood flow and oxygen level in the blood stream. The system can identify developing conditions that could lead to hypoxia or G-induced loss of consciousness (GLOC).

BAE Systems to develop a new helmet Display for the F-35

BAE Systems has been selected by Lockheed Martin to supply a Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) system for the F-35 during the next phase of its development. The new HMD incorporate the Q-Sight waveguide display and feature detachable Night Vision Goggles for night operations. BAE Systems will begin delivery of test assets in 2012 to support the F-35 development and integration laboratories, flight simulators, and flight-test platforms.

Helicopter Gunners to use Helmet Mounted Q-SIGHTs

BAE Systems received the first order for 12 Q-Sights to equip British helicopter's Gunner’s operating the new Gunner’s Remote Sighting System (GRSS) on Royal...

Helmet Mounted Display and Sight Systems

Helmet Display and Sight technologies developed by Elbit Systems has become a necessity in modern air warfare. With over 5,500 systems delivered to customers...

Military application of OLED micro-display technology

Start < Page 1 of 4 > Low-power Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays are used in a growing numbers of applications supporting dismounted soldiers...

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