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Rafael’s New Naval Air Defense Systems Combat Evolving Threats

Israel's defense company Rafael has recently introduced two new naval air defense systems at IMDEX ASIA 2023 - the NAVAL IRON BEAM, and the C-DOME Mission Module, to augment the defense capabilities of naval forces against evolving threats, including ballistic missiles, guided and unguided rockets, loitering weapons, and drones. These defense systems are cost-effective, complementary, and designed to be integrated into existing air defense systems, expanding air defense coverage.

IMDEX ASIA 2023: Innovative Maritime Technologies on Display

IMDEX ASIA 2023 provides an invaluable platform for showcasing the latest advancements in maritime defense technologies crucial for ensuring the safety and security of naval forces in an increasingly complex surface and underwater environment. This review highlights some of the ongoing innovations in the naval sector, from AI applications improving ship safety to underwater inspection solutions.

Introducing: Defense-Update VideoReport

Defense-Update is proud to present 'VideoReport'. Part of Defense-Update digital media, VideoReport covers aerospace, military and Homeland Security topics. The first edition will cover the upcoming IMDEX 2013 maritime expo in Singapore.

13 Navies are Visiting Singapore for IMDEX 2009

Above: KD PAHANG, the Royal Malaysian Navy MEKO 100 class frigate and KD LAKSAMANA TAN PUSMAH (ASSAD) Class missile patrol boat at berth in Singapore...

IAI Displays Modern Airborne, Naval Sensors & Weapons

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is back at IMDEX with a growing focus on the Asian market. The company is displaying here a range of...

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