IAI Displays Modern Airborne, Naval Sensors & Weapons


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is back at IMDEX with a growing focus on the Asian market. The company is displaying here a range of naval systems, including UAVs, radars, stabilized optronic payloads, laser-homing attack missiles and naval and air defense systems.

The company is promoting the Barak- 8 naval air defense missile, developed by the company’s MBT Missiles Division. The missile has already been selected for integration into Indian Navy surface vessels and most likely to be included as part of the Israel Navy future surface fleet, when a decision on the type and mission is made. Propelled by a dual-pulse rocket motor, Barak-8 has a range of 70 km. The main component of the rocket is the booster-sustainer, providing thrust for the cruise phase while the second phase kicks in at the end game, providing sufficient energy for maneuverability and speed. Like its predecessor Barak-1, the new missile comes in batches of eight, whci can be grouped on a single location or distributed on deck to match the ship’s configuration. MBT is also showing a maritime application of its LAHAT laser guided missile, which can be employed either from fast attack boats or lightweight aerial platforms.

IAI Radar specialist Elta Systems is also showing the Multi-function Surveillance Track and Guidance Radar (MF-STAR) EL/M 2248 associated with Barak-8, as well as the Advanced Lightweight Phased Array Naval Radar (ALPHA) EL/M 2258. Both radars are solid-state active phased array multi-beam and pulse-Doppler radar, developed for the new generation of military ships. The two systems are adapted for different applications – larger and smaller vessels and upgraded platforms. Both are delivering a high quality situation picture under high density targets/environmental conditions.