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Hyunmoo Missiles – Seoul Going Ballistic

In response to the failed April 13th North Korean attempt to launch a satellite using a long-range ballistic missile, South Korea released a video showing launches of unidentified cruise missile and a ballistic missile, likely to be the latest versions of the Hyunmoo family, indigenously developed in South Korea.

Russia & CIS Defense Update – November 16, 2011

65 Yak-130 Trainers for the Russian Air Force | Russia to conduct test launch of Bulava missile in November | Russia Tests New Version of Iskander SSM

Iran, Belarus Discuss Export of Russian Iskander-M Surface Attack Missiles

While deliveries of Russian S-300 air- and missile defense systems to Iran are not likely to happen soon, Iran could be getting a more...

Iskander M/E (SS-21 / SS-26)

Iskander E (SS-26 Stone) The Iskander Tactical Missile System is considered to be among the most advanced surface / surface missiles available today. Iskander-E is the...

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