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NSM Extends LCS Firepower Over The Horizon

Tthe U.S. Navy selected the Norwegian Naval Strike Missile (NSM) developed by Kongsberg Defense to provide the fleet of Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) of the U.S. Navy with an Offensive Anti-Surface Warfare (OASuW) capability engaging hostile ships and land targets at ranges of 200 and beyond. Adding an offensive over-the-horizon capability is essential for the LCS to address the US Navy’s Distributed Lethality (DT) strategy. The Navy defines DT as the capability to strike from any ship and at any place in the world. The Navy considers that deploying offensive weapons on as many U.S. ships as possible would complicate an enemy’s ability to attack.

More CROWS II Weapon Stations for the U.S. Army

The U.S. Army is increasing the number of Common Remotely Operated Weapon Stations (CROWS II) bought from Norwegian arms manufacturer Kongsberg Defence. The Army...

Kongsberg Defense Systems

Kongsberg Defense Systems, based in Norway, is a subsidiary of the Kongsberg Group operating in defence, aerospace, oil and gas and merchant marine industry. In 2009,...

Finland Selects Nowregian/U.S. NASAMS for SA-11 Replacement

// Finland is investing about $460 million (3 billion NOK/€345) replacing its Russian medium-range air defense systems, introducing western air defense missiles...

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