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Sandcat + SCAT = Combating Terror and Urban Violence

Plasan showcases a new variant of its Sandcat Stormer armored vehicle designed as an SUV for police, anti-terror/anti-riot rapid response, and security forces. The vehicle is equipped with remotely controlled overhead sensor and weapon system dubbed ‘SCAT’, designed specifically to address violent crowds using non-lethal means.

SaberShot Photonic Disruptor (Laser Dazzler)

The company received a first order for the SaberShot photonic disruptor (laser Dazzler), a high resolution green laser used to flash-blind and disorient an...

Saber 203 Laser Dazzler

Saber 203 laser illuminator temporarily impairs an adversary's ability to fire a weapon. The laser has an effective range of 300 meters. The operational...

Laser Dazzler – Laser Active Countermeasures

The Chinese opted to equip their new Type 98 with a different countermeasure suite, based mainly on defeating ATGM, by the use of directed...

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