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U.S. to Supply Lebanon with New Helicopters, UAVs

Lebanon will soon receive six MD 530G light attack helicopters and six Scan Eagle unmanned aerial vehicles worth $120 million from the USA

Saudi Arabia Suspends $3 Billion Military Aid to Lebanon

RIYADH—Saudi Arabia said Friday it will suspend $3 billion in military aid to the Lebanese army in response to what it called Hezbollah’s domination of the Lebanese government.

Chinese Weapons Shipped to Lebanon to Aid Hezbollah

The Lebanese Army received a shipment of Chinese weapons Friday, the latest in a recent series of international arms deliveries to help Lebanon contain the militants on its eastern border with Syria

Lebanon orders armored vehicles from Italy and Brazil

The Italian vehicle manufacturer Iveco has signed a contract to sell 80 vehicles to the Lebanese military and police. The deal, worth about 30 million euros, includes 25 light armored vehicles and six mine protected armored vehicles to be produced in Italy and ten Brazilian produced VBTP-MR amphibious armored personnel carriers. The remaining vehicles include unarmored military trucks.

Iran: We supplied ballistic guided rockets to Hezbollah

Iranian and Lebanese sources have recently confirmed that the Iranian backed Lebanese group Hezbollah has received the Iranian Fateh-110 guided ballistic missiles, and inducted the weapon into its missile arsenal. With a range of 250-350 km the new missile can hit targets provides the group with a capability to hit any target in Israel up to the northern Negev.

Global Hotspots Report – 8/2014

AQAP militants execute 14 soldiers in Hadarmout, amid sectarian fighting in Yeme | Overloaded Iraqi Mi-17 crash on a rescue mission to Sinjar | West provide air support, sending arms, advisors to assist Iraqi Kurds | ISIL regain grip of Deir el-Zor rural area in East Syria | US conducts air strikes against ISIL near Erbil | White House authorise humanitarian support to Iraqi minorities, air strikes targeting ISIS | US missile cruiser enroute to the Black Sea | 40,000 stranded on Sinjar mountain under ISIS death threats | France to speed up arms for Lebanon | Pakistan air strikes hit militants in Datta-khel, North Waziristan | US general killed by Afghan 'insider attack' | Egypt, Algeria align against Libyan extremists | 32 Strike Tunnels Destroyed in Gaza | Lebanon: ISIS Takes the town of Ersal | AQAP jihadists kill 9 Yemeni soldiers | Two Terror attacks rock Jerusalem | Iraqi Air Force to assist Kurds fighting ISIS | 23 Syrians killed by barrel bombs in Idlib

Israel’s Intelligence Chief: “Syrian Regime is Preparing to Use Chemical Weapons”

“Assad continues to assert his control Syria’s chemical weapons, air force, and military hardware. Assad is making advance preparations to use chemical weapons. He did not give the order yet, but preparing for it.”

Evolving into Hybrid Forces – Challenging the IDF Precision Fires Domination

The evolution of the Syrian, Iranian armies and guerrillas into semi-irregular formations, challenging the Israeli domination of the battlefield with hybrid warfare concepts. Defense Update covers this topic in two parts, one outlining the transformation of the Syrian land forces.

Abdul Rahman Awad, Leader of the Lebanese Fatah-al-Islam Terror Group...

The leader of a Lebanon-based al Qaeda affiliate Fatah al Islam has been killed while attempting to travel to Iraq to join the insurgency. Abdul...

Is a second round with Hezbollah unavoidable?

Last Wednesday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert convened an urgent ad-hoc meeting of is security cabinet, to receive an updated assessment of Hezbollah's rearmament status....

Winograd’s Blessing in Disguise: Last Wake up Call for Israel

According to Professor Martin van Creveld, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the final report released last week by the government-appointed Winograd Commission, on...

Was Damascus meeting preparation for Shrewd anti-Siniora coup?

Hezbollah is attempting in vain, at least sofar, to bring down the Government of Lebanon, at the behest of its allies, Syria and Iran....

Assessing the performance of Merkava Tanks

Assessment of the Second Lebanon War By Col. David Eshel Four types of Merkava tanks were in action in Lebanon 2006, including Merkava Mk4, the Merkava Mk...

Israeli Intelligence Dilemmas in Lebanon

Assessment of the Second Lebanon War By Col. David Eshel In the years since Israel ended its military occupation of southern Lebanon in May 2000,...

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