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Secretary of Defense Panetta Outlines Broad Framework of US Pivot to...

US Secretary of Defense said that the proposed realignment would result in a 60/40 split of US naval forces between the Pacific and the Atlantic by 2020, an increase in Pacific-deployed forces of about 10 percent

Secretary Of Defense Outlines Budget Cut Details

While the US army and marine Corps will downsize their forces by 100,000 personnel, shifting focus from Europe and the Middle East to Asia-Pacific, the Pentagon plans to nearly 200 fighter jets, 90 transports, and seven missile cruisers, and delay Virginia Class subs and F-35 acquisition. Aircraft Carriers and air wings will remain intact...

US Affirms Commitment to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced Friday that the United States remains committed to the further development of the Marine Corps’ version of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, effectively removing the F-35B from the probation announced by former secretary Gates.

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