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Lockheed Martin’s SMSS Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle Operates Via Satellite Control

Gyrocam M9 stabilized EO sensor mounted on a telescopic mast carried on the SMSS robotic platform.
Lockheed Martin completed demonstrated the capability to control the Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) robotic vehicle beyond line of sight. The demonstration took place...

Boeing UK, John Deere Introduce the M-Gator A3 Robotic Load Carrier

A robotic load carrier developed by Boeing UK in cooperation with utility vehicle manufacturer John Deere and Boeing UK is unveiled today at DSEi 2011. The robotic vehicle called R-Gator A3 Assisted Carriage System (ACS) is based on John Deere’s R-Gator robotic utility vehicle.

Infantry Combat Systems – Mobility & Ergonomics

Start < Page 4 of 5 > Apart from their additional weight vests block natural ventilation, preventing sweat heat dissipation. Physiological tests have demonstrated that body and...

Load Carrying Systems for the Infantry

Start < Page 10 0f 11 > As the body armor is only part of the combat load carried by the infantryman, the military is seeking new...

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