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RAFAEL Develops UAS Mission Enhancement Package

Focusing on a range systems complementing unmanned aerial systems (UAS) Israel’s weapon systems expert RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems is introducing at the AUVSI 2011 a range of hardware and software systems, supporting UAS missions.

Multifunction On-The-Move Secure Adaptive Integrated Communications network (MOSAIC)

To enable the "mobile battlefield Network", DARPA is developing the Multifunctional On-the-Move Secure Adaptive Integrated Communications (MOSAIC). Using "ad-hoc mobile networking" MOSAIC automatically forms and...

Tactical Mobile Broadband Networks

Start < Page 4 of 7 > To support the brigade level and above, these services rely on dedicated trunks for broadband connectivity. Such radios offer...

Command Post Of the Future (CPOF)

The latest trend in C2 tech is Command Post Of the Future (COPF), a system currently deployed at division level, enabling division and brigade...

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