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Handheld Torch Accelerates Hot Breaching

TEC Torch - a small, hand-held thermal erosive cutting (TEC) torch that cuts through steel bars in two seconds is being developed by EMPI for use by SOF personnel, law enforcement and first responders, used for hot breaching, forced entry and in rescue operations, as well as for the neutralization of explosive devices (EOD-UXO) and thermal destruction of objects and systems on land and underwater.

Videos Depicting Fierce Battles Between Rebels and Syrian Army Mechanised Formations

Fierce battles erupting as a Syrian armored troop enters the devastated Damascus suburb of Darayya on patrol. The battle can be seen from various...

Xaver 100 Sensor Can See Through Walls (STTW)

Camero-Tech is launching the latest member of the Xaver Sense Through The Wall (STTW) radar, designed to assist assault teams and warfighters employed in urban operations to ‘see through walls’. The sensor provides instant situational awareness and target acquisition data, detecting human presence at distances up to 20m.

ReconRobotics Debut: Throwbot XT Reconnaissance Robot

ReconRobotics, Inc. is introducing the Throwbot® XT, an advanced throwable military and police robot at Eurosatory 2012. This new micro-robot provides both audio and video reconnaissance of dangerous environments. Military fire teams and SWAT personnel can quickly gain situational awareness during high-risk operations and surveillance missions using this robot.

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