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Parachuting accident puts T-11 parachute safety in question

A fatal parachuting accident that happened at Fort Bragg last week is raising concern about the safety of the US Army newest parachute - T11. This parachute, considered the most advanced, non steerable parachute system, has entered service in 2009, replacing the T-10 that has been in service for over 60 years.

JPADS XL Program

Start < Page 4 of 6 > JPADS basic weight class focuses on low-cost systems such as the Screamer and Affordable Guided Airdrop System (AGAS), developed by...

FireFly – Autonomously Guided Parafoil Based Load Delivery System

The FireFly is a medium sized Precision Aerial Delivery System (PADS) platform capable of delivering 500 lb to 2,200 lb (225 kg to 1.000...

Precision Aerial Delivery

Precision aerial delivery has also matured in recent years, with the availability of lightweight GPS navigation and flight control systems. Altair Aerospace introduced at...

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