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Secretary of Defense Hagel Details Sequestration Impact on the US Military

On the first press conference after his nomination US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and his deputy Ashton B. Carter said the first step in sequestration measures is being implemented: cutting training immediately, reducing flying hours, Preparation to stand down four Naval fighter wings, the first will stand down in April

Gates: Pentagon to Implement Tougher Business Rules

Under the new policy companies will be required to provide more predictable cost estimations and meet those costs down the road. When costs increase happen, contractors will be required to share the burden. Prime contractors are likely to be most exposed to this new risk, but subcontractors could also find themselves vulnerable when required to take responsibility on delays they cause...

Pentagon’s unmanned systems spending Tops $5.4 billion in FY2010

U.S. spending on unmanned systems has steadily increased since 2001. In the next budget request the department of defense is seeking an increase of...

Pentagon Considers Terminating the Army’s FCS Program

According to the news agency Reuters, quoting the Pentagon chief arms buyer Ashton Carter today, the U.S. Army's $160 billion Future Combat Systems (FCS)...

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