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Precision-Guided Firearm – Turning Riflemen into Marksmen?

TrackingPoint has introduced an accurate long-range shooting system at the Shot Show taking place this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new system called 'Precision-Guided Firearm' (PGF) system is based on patent-pending innovations in optics and fire control that enables a shooter to excel in long-range shooting.

OneShot Helps Snipers Reach Out to Maximum Range

Military snipers may only get one chance to hit their target. The One Shot program seeks to enable snipers to accurately hit targets with the first round, under crosswind conditions, day or night, at the maximum effective range of the weapon. A commercial system providing similar capabilities (tough not as advanced in down-range measurement as the DARPA system) was unveiled by TrackingPoint at the Shot Show 2013

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