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Preview: Israel’s live robotics display at AUS&R

Israel's latest drones and robots are on display this week at the AUS&R event. Held for the second year, AUS&R has become the showcase of Israel's unmanned systems industry and operators.

Hybrid Quadrotor Debut at AUVSI 2014

A new 'hybrid Quadrotor' concept developed by Latitude Engineering has been applied to several fixed-wing UAV systems, converting them into vertical take-off and landing capable,...

Sky Sapience Delivers the First Pre-Production Hovermast to the IDF

Israel's Sky Sapience company has delivered today to the Israel Defense Forces' Land Forces Command the first pre-production example of the HoverMast 100 - an...

AeroVironment Introduces the Shrike VTOL Mini UAV

AeroVironment, Inc. introduced today a miniature 'quadcopter', a lightweight flying sensor called ‘Shrike VTOL’, designed as a man-portable, vertical take off and landing Stealthy, Persistent Perch and Stare (SP2S) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) developed in the past four years under a DRAPA funded program.


The new CPX4 quadrocopter system was displayed by Novadem. This system is currently being evaluated by the DGA as a mini-UAV concept for future FELIN enhancement....

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