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Raytheon Awarded $85 Million for Griffin Missiles

The U.S. Air Force awarded Raytheon the largest order yet for the Griffin missile,amounting over $85 million. The first delivery order will buy 22 all-up rounds and 43 telemetry rounds, to be delivered by July 2013.

Rolling Airframe Missile Block II to Begin Flight Testing

Raytheon Company and its German industry partner, RAMSYS completed the upgrade integration of the Rolling Airframe Missile Block II preparing the enhanced missile for flight testing later this year.

Raytheon Tests RAM Block 2 Upgrades

Raytheon successfully completed three instrumented test vehicle flights between of the Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) Block 2 missiles. The flights conducted between April and...

Israel, Palestinians Practice New Operational Concepts in Urban Warfare

Start < Page 5 of 9 > The IDF has also been forced to take action to counter subterranean threats. Sophisticated seismic and acoustic equipment is employed...

RAM 2000 Armored Mine Protected Vehicle

IAI/Ramta has recently completed the development of its advanced version of the RAM armored vehicle, designated RAM 2000. The vehicle is an armored car,...

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