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Yemen Claims a New SAM Scored Recent Hits on Saudi Fighter...

new details about the surface-to-air missile claimed to have downed a Royal Saudi Air Force Tornado IDS over Sa'ada and hit another F-15S over Sana'a earlier this week. The missile shown in the photo does not look like any known Iranian surface-to-air missiles.

Germany to Replace its Patriots SAMs with MEADS

The German Federal Ministry of Defence has chosen the Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) as the basis for Taktisches Luftverteidigungssystem (TLVS), a next-generation network-based tactical air- and missile-defense system. It will replace the Patriot air defense systems initially fielded in the 1980s.

Iran Flexing Muscles Part 3: Air Defense & Ballistic Missiles

The Raad air defense missile comprises of the Taer air defense missiles
In recent weeks Iran has introduced new guided weapon systems claimed to be based on indigenous developments. Among these weapons are precision guided versions of the Zelzal medium range rocket, and Taer medium-range air-defense missile, positioned to be a precursor for the country’s new category of air defense weapon systems.

India, Israel to Jointly Pursue Medium-Range Air Defense Missile

India and Israel agreed to jointly develop a new long range, land-based air defense system to replace the aging Pechora (SA-3 GOA) missiles currently in service...

Air Defense Systems at the 2007 Paris Airshow

The highly potent Russian systems represented here were merely models and posters, including the long-range S-300PMU2 Favorit and Antey-2500. These are becoming high demanded items worldwide, especially...

Deadly Scourge of the US Helicopter Pilots in Iraq

By Colonel David Eshel The downing of six helicopters in the past three weeks shows that Iraqi insurgents are becoming more adept at attacking these...