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Sharing Data Between Top Secret and Unclassified Security Domains

Lockheed Martin has developed a cyber security solution that allows intelligence to be securely shared among personnel working at all security levels - from...

The Wide Range – Bombardier Aerospace Heritage

More than 35 governments worldwide are using variants of Bombardier’s business and commercial and amphibious aircraft in such missions as C4ISR, coastal patrol, search and rescue and government officials’ transport.

Iran Displays Captured RQ-170 Stealth Drone

RQ-170 captured by Iran
On December 8 Tehran came out open displaying footage of the captured drone which seems in pristine condition. Although the drone was reportedly shot down by Iran's air defense, its upper surface seems to be intact while the bottom, covered by propaganda billboards and camouflage net may hint about more extensive damage caused by hard landing.

Iran Claims it Shot Down a U.S. Stealth Drone

Iran’s semi-official news agencies released today some details about a possible intercept and downing of a U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel jet-powered stealth unmanned aerial vehicle.

Chief of RAF: Britain Should Reconsider Sentinel Phaseout

The decision to scrap the Sentinel spy plane under defense cuts is to be reviewed. According RAF Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton, during the six month Libyan campaign the aircraft has played a ‘pivotal’ role in spotting and identifying Colonel Gaddafi's forces. Dalton insists the Sentinel R1 should be retained within his air forces’ force structure.

Oman Requests SL-AMRAAM, Avenger Air Defense Systems

Oman is requesting to receive an integrated air defense system based on the Boeing Avenger very short range air defense (VSHORAD) system, augmented with medium range AMRAAM interceptors

More about the Beast – RQ-170 Sentinel Show Again at Kandahar

New pictures published today on the Secret Projects forum provide a better view of the Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel operating from the Kandahar airfield in Afghanistan. While the new photos provide a better view of the airplane they do not help solving the mystery about its mission or payloads.

RADA Unveils “Sentinel” Radar for Active Protection Systems

RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. will be showing at Eurosatory 2010 a new radar sensor designed specifically for Active Protection Systems (APS). The Sentinel (RPS-10) is the...

U.S. Air Force Operates a Stealth Jet-Powered RQ-170 Sentinel UAV in...

Aviation Week & Space technology Ares blog disclosed Friday that the jet propelled UAV recently spotted at the American airbase in Kandahar, Afghanistan was officially recognized...

Sentinel MK1 Airborne Stand-Off Radar System (ASTOR)

The Sentinel R Mk1 Airborne Stand-Off Radar System (ASTOR) was first shown at the 2006 Farnborough Airshow, just prior to the delivery of the...

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