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360 Survivability in Focus

Israel’s armor specialist Plasan showcases broadened product line at Eurosatory, introducing a blast-protected model of the SandCat along with several light armored vehicles. In the heavier weight classes, Plasan provides a peek into the advanced protection technologies being integrated into newly designed combat vehicles. In recent years Plasan expanded its activity to heavier armored combat platforms, including 6x6, 8x8 and tracked fighting vehicles at weight levels up to 45 tons. Such armored vehicles are required to withstand medium caliber cannon threat levels and maintain functionality.

Tarian QuickShield Offres Ad-Hoc Armor Repair

QuickShield, a textile-based, lightweight net designed to stop rocket-propelled grenade threats (RPG) from penetrating vehicle armor. QuickShield is applied as a 'band aid’, enabling armored vehicle crews to rapidly replace damaged bar (slat) armor on military vehicles in the field.

Slat Armor for Stryker APC

The interim slat armor solution forms a metal frame barrier 50 cm ahead of the APC. The cage detonate anti-tank shaped charge warheads such...

Protection of Vehicles and Fixed Positions

Start < Page 7 of 9 > Vehicle armoring has been a major concern for many armies, which participate in the war on terror and specifically...