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US Army, Lockheed Martin Test Collaborative Robotics at Ft Benning

successfully conducted a fully autonomous resupply, reconnaissance, surveillance and target-acquisition demonstration a ground robotic vehicle operating remotely controlled surveillance system and an unmanned helicopter. The 'Extend the Reach of the Warfighter through Robotics' (ERWR) demonstration that took place at Ft Benning GA on August 7 joined two systems produced by Lockheed Martin – the Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) acting as the ground segment and the K-MAX unmanned air vehicle providing the aerial segment.

Lockheed Martin’s SMSS Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle Operates Via Satellite Control

Gyrocam M9 stabilized EO sensor mounted on a telescopic mast carried on the SMSS robotic platform.
Lockheed Martin completed demonstrated the capability to control the Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) robotic vehicle beyond line of sight. The demonstration took place...

Squad Mission Support System

Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) is a robotic platform based on a turbo-diesel powered, high mobility six wheel all-terrain vehicle (ATV) capable of carrying...

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