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New LIDAR for the TALON

QinetiQ North America is unveiling at AUSA a new version of its TALON counter IED robot. The TALON V is designed to be stronger, more versatile and interoperable with third party components that gives the soldier more flexibility and options to carry out the mission at hand.

Raytheon, L-3 demonstrate new ship protection system

Raytheon and L-3 Communications successfully demonstrated a vessel self-protection capability employing laser-guided rockets, that can be employed against swarming attacks of small fast boats. fired...

APKWS Enters Full Rate production

The U.S. Navy has authorized full-rate production of the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS), BAE Systems’ affordable and versatile laser-guided rocket system.

Middle East Defense Update – Nov. 18, 2011

Disagreements on Commercial Terms Reverses UAE’s Choice of Rafale | Egypt to Renew M-1A1 Tanks Production | IDF is Fielding a new Tactical Intelligence Collection Vehicle | Talon Guided Rockets Complete Qualification Tests | UAE Considers APG-80 AESA Radar Upgrades | Oman to Receive Mica VL Naval & Land Based Air Defense Systems | Kuwait - Technical/Logistics Support for F/A-18 Aircraft | Israel Tests a New Ballistic Missile

More TALONs for the U.S. Military

Foster-Miller, a subsidiary of QinetiQ's Technology Solutions Group announced the receipt of new orders for TALON robots under a recent $400 million IDIQ (indefinite...

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