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A Bio Sensing Helmet Would Take Control When the Pilot Can’t

Canary, Elbit Systems'' bio-sensing helmet is fitted with unique sensors that measure physiological life signs. Monitoring the pilot’s heartbeat, blood flow and oxygen level in the blood stream. The system can identify developing conditions that could lead to hypoxia or G-induced loss of consciousness (GLOC).

Elbit Systems Introduces SuperVision – Another Step Toward the Cockpit ...

At the Paris Air Show 2015, Elbit Systems is launching 'SuperVision' - an innovative man-machine interface that could narrow the gap that F-35 helmet and displays have opened over current generation aircraft.

An Israeli Helmet Display is Tailored for Rocket Planes

X Racers Debut at Tulsa with Revolutionary Live-Virtual High Speed Race Rocket Racing pilots participating at the upcoming Tulsa Airshow will have the first opportunity...

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