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Thales Introduces a Protected Ambulance Based on Bushmaster MR6

Thales unveiled a new version of its Bushmaster protected vehicle the company proposes for the British Army future Multi-Role Vehicle (Protected) - MRV(P) mission. At the International Armoured vehicles in London the company displayed the ambulance variant - one of seven configurations required by the Army.

Thales Australia Sends a Hawkei Prototype to Paris

Thales Australia is displaying at Eurosatory the latest version of the Hawkeye, selected by the Australian defense for the LAND 121 Phase 4 program

Australia Selects Hawkei for its Future Protected, Light Tactical Vehicle

Thales Australia Hawkei
The Australian Defence has selected Hawkei light tactical vehicle design from Thales Australia as the preferred design for LAND 121 Phase 4. The government plans to buy 1,300 vehicles at a cost of A$1.5 billion. Government approval of the project is expected in 2015 with production work to commence in Australia by 2016. To bridge production gap at the manufacturing plant in Brisbane, the government considers to order more Bushmaster vehicles.

Defense Reports: The Australian Defense Industry 2011-2016

Australian defense is considered one of the world's growth markets, even in the recent tough years. In 2009, the Australian government launched a new military modernization plan to upgrade its forces in order to counteract the threat posed by rising global terrorism, changing political dynamics in the Asia-Pacific region and the rising number of peacekeeping operations undertaken by Australian forces. With the exception of an anomaly in 2010, defense expenditure as a percentage of Australia’s gross domestic product (GDP) is expected rise consistently through 2016. In the years after, this rate is expected to be reduced again, to cover increased sustainment costs.

Thales Australia, GD-OTS Announce Long-Term Munition Cooperation Agreement

Thales Australia is strengthening its position in the Australian ordnance market through a newly announced strategic teaming with U.S.-based General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical...

Australian Defence to Augment Training Safety with 35,000 Blank Firing Bullet...

Thales Australia is supplying the Australian Defence Materiel Organization (DMO) over 35,000 Bullet Trap Blank Firing Attachments (BTBFAs) designed for the Australian assault rifle...

Rifle Input Control

Today's soldiers are required to operate a number of electronic devices – each with its own functionality and controls, all that, without taking hands...

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