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Israeli Drone Dome Answers Britain’s Urgent Need to Counter Drones

The United Kingdom has ordered six Drone Dome from Israel's RAFAEL company under an Urgent Capability Requirement (UCR) program, providing quick reaction counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) capability. The first phase of the deal is worth US$20 million and will be delivered this year.

The Maini Group Launches the Israeli TOMCAR Off-Road Vehicle in India

Following the acquisition of majority stake in the Israeli automotive company TOMCAR, the Maini Group is launching the light off-road vehicle in India. The Indian group established a manufacturing facility in Bangalore to cater for both domestic and overseas customers.

Israeli ATVs for the British Army

Enhanced Protection Systems Ltd. (EPS) from the U.K. has been awarded a £7m contract (about $10.3 million) to fit, deliver and support 75 Springer...

Armored Tomcar

The Tomcar All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is used by the IDF and Israeli Border Police and a number of development programs, in various manned...