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China May be Preparing for Third Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Test In January

China may be planning to conduct an anti-satellite (ASAT) test sometime this month, The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) claims in a recent post published by USC China Project Director Gregory Kulacki. Unlike previous tests conducted at the lower earth orbit, this test could be aimed at the medium orbit, at an altitude of 20,000 km above earth

X-37B Space Plane Scheduled for 2nd Flight Tomorrow

The launch of the second X37B Space Plane is scheduled for tomorrow. The unique capability of this plane appears to be its ability to return from orbit and land autonomously on a runway. But the Air Force has not disclosed the specific mission this plane is designed for. "The space plane is an extravagant system without a convincing mission" Dr. Laura Grego of the UCS comments.

Universal Control Station (iUCS)

Israel Aerospace industries unveiled its latest concept for the modular ground control system called iUCS. The new system will support all of Malat's UAV...

UAS/Mission Control Systems

Several companies introduced new and advanced controls and payload systems at AUVSI 07. Among these were General Atomics, introducing their Next Generation Ground Control...

UCS – Advanced Multi-Unmanned Aerial System’s Cockpit

A new "cockpit" designed specifically for UAV pilots unveiled yesterday by Raytheon promises to improve operational efficiency and flight safety of unmanned aerial systems....

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