Universal Control Station (iUCS)


Israel Aerospace industries unveiled its latest concept for the modular ground control system called iUCS. The new system will support all of Malat’s UAV fleet. The first UAV to be supported by the new system is the IAI/Malat Heron, and IAI’s latest entry into the MALE market – the Eitan (Heron TP). The new system fully supports STANAG 4586. The iUCS design combines hardware, software and ergonomic design features uniquely developed for command center and unmanned systems operations.

The console uses a separate back plane mounting all the hardware, which can be cooled to an optimal operating conditions without effecting the command post or shelter. At the front end, iUCS uses a modular mount supporting multiple stacked flat displays and control table. The stacked design considerably saves space enabling multiple operators to comfortably work in a small shelter. The same display mount can converted into a ‘side by side’ configuration where space is available.

The user interface is also designed to best utilize the available workspace. The majority of the display area shows a two or tri-dimensional situational view of the mission, shown on a map or aerial photo, depicting the platform’s flight path, payload view and related information. Additional relevant information is grouped in a ‘drawer’ located at the side of the display, opened on demand by a mouse click. Since the iUSC uses stacked displays, the upper screen can show full-screen shots from the payload, or views from other UAVs, fed through other systems such as the IAI Twister.
Toyon developed novel video tracking algorithms that can effectively track multiple targets in video collected by low-cost small UAVs using unstable imaging systems. The company also developed the wireless communications algorithms and supporting hardware for these applications.