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Extended Zephyr Multi-Role Vehicle Debuts at DSEi 2011

Zephyr protected vehicle designed by Creation is displayed at DSEi 2011 in a new configuration, reflecting the latest upgrade variant. The vehicle is now available in two- and three-axle configurations. Zephyr's protection architecture features a composite ‘occupant survival cell’ employing a V-form belly plate and an integral blast mitigation system.

BAE Systems Unveils an RG-35 Optimized for Canada’s TAPV Requirements

BAE Systems has unveiled the RG-35 RPU, promoted for the Canadian Tactical Armored Patrol Vehicle (TAP-V) program. The RPU is designed to offer very high survivability for the crew and be adapted for patrols and recconnaissance or tactical utility transport.

Zephyr Specific Requirements Vehicle (SRV)

Developed by ‘Team Z’, an industry team led by armored vehicle designer Creation UK Ltd and British defense systems manufacturer Babcock Land Systems, Zephyr...

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