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    • Israel launches a ground campaign in Gaza Jul 17, 201410411189_810958685593670_3152760127972507596_nFollowing ten days of aerial and naval attacks on terror targets in the Gaza strip, and continuous rocket fire against Israeli towns and villages by Palestinian terror groups from Gaza, Israel is increasing the pressure on Hamas in Gaza launching a ground operation within the Gaza Strip. The forces moved on 22:00 Israel Time (20:00 GMT) Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Israel scrambles the 8th Iron Dome unit with David’s Sling elements Jul 11, 2014The EL/M-2284 Multi-Mode Radar produced by IAI Elta for the David's Sling, is now committed to the new Iron Dome unit. Photo: IMODAmidst operation ‘Protective Edge’, and under barrages of rockets fired from Gaza, Israel is deploying the 8th Iron Dome battery, a step that will extend the nation’s defense against those rockets. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Embraer to manage Gripen NG development and production for Brazil’s F-X2 program Jul 11, 2014GripenDemo_br725Brazilian aerospace company Embraer announced today it will coordinate all development and production activities in Brazil on behalf of SAAB and, in addition to its own extensive work packages, will participate in systems development, integration, flight tests, final assembly and deliveries.  Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • F-35 industry team to invest $170 million to reduce the JSF production cost Jul 10, 2014F-35-JSF-factory800The three leading industry partners in the F-35 industry team have signed an agreement with the DOD to bring down the procurement cost of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) to the equivalent of today’s 4th generation fighters by the turn of the decade Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Israel receives new M346 trainers from Italy Jul 9, 2014M-346LAVI800The first two Lavi advanced trainer M-346 produced for the Israeli Air Force (IAF) by the Italian company Alenia Aermacchi have been delivered yesterday to the Hatzerim Israeli Air Force Base in the Negev Desert. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Palestinian attacks foiled by coordinated IDF response Jul 8, 2014Secondary explosions raise smoke pillars erupting from a Palestinian attack tunnel hit by the Israel Air & Space Force air strike. Photo: IDF SpokesmanThe conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas in Gaza escalated today to new levels, with each sides launching over hundred attacks at the other. For the first time, a Hamas naval commando team manage to reach land north of Gaza but eliminated soon after without reaching its target. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • IAI unveils BirdEye 650D, mini-UAV designed for 24 hour missions Jul 8, 2014BirdEye 650D showing the flying wing design. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-UpdateIsrael Aerospace Industries has unveiled its BirdEye 650D mini unmanned air system, the third variant of the BirdEye 650 mini-UAV. The new version extends the systems’ mission endurance from two and three hours to 24 Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • 3D printing, self healing, transforming, among UK future aircraft technologies Jul 7, 2014transformers800Scientists and engineers at BAE Systems have lifted the lid on some futuristic technologies that could be incorporated in military and civil aircraft of 2040 or even earlier. Among the technologies discussed are self healing structures, ad-hoc 3D printing and transformer air structures Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Update: F-35 fleet grounded pending results of recent engine fire investigation Jul 4, 2014More than 600 people came out to celebrate the F-35 arrival ceremony at Luke Air Force Base on March 14, 2014.The technical air worthiness authorities of the Department of the Air Force and Department of the Navy have issued a directive to ground the F-35 fleet based on initial findings from the runway fire incident that occurred at Eglin Air Force Base on Monday, June 23. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • ARL: Bringing nano robots to reality Jul 3, 2014An ARL demonstration of full range of motion and aerodynamic lift in fruit fly scaled microelectromechanical system (MEMS) fabricated wings. (Photo: ARL)A team of scientists in academia, research groups and industry are working with the US Army Research Lab to create nano-robots that promis to shape the battlefield for future warfighting Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket