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    • The military needs better technologies for subterranean operations Jul 27, 2014operating_in_tunnelsAsymmetric underground manoeuvrability and operability is shaping the modern battlespace in urban and complex terrain, offering a clear benefit to the irregular side. The fierce fighting between Israel and the Palestinian terror organisations in Gaza is highlighting the growing need for technologies that can assist the regular military operating in the subterranean dimension. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Israel’s campaign directed at Gaza’s tunnel infrastructure Jul 27, 2014idf_officers_searching_gaza_tunnelsOperation ‘Protective Edge’ will be remembered as one of the first military operations where a modern army had to face an irregular enemy mostly in the subterranean operational environment. While irregular forces have exploited the underground dimension in the past, in Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Palestinians in Gaza relied on their subterranean tunnel network as a battlespace – gaining mobility, communications, force protection and survivability, and denying the enemy from its main advantage – dominance in intelligence and firepower. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Operating robots underground Jul 27, 2014MTGR seen on a tunnel reconnaissance mission.The robot uses on-board illumination to illuminate the scene. It can also use a thermal camera for more covert surveillance. Photo: RoboteamAs robots are assuming part of the roles performed by human operators, particularly in dangerous missions, it is obvious they will be used in subterranean environments. However, denied the basic attributes necessary for its operation – navigation, guidance and communications – most military robot are still awaiting some technological solutions when tasked with missions underground Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Tunnel warfare – a short history Jul 27, 2014tools_for_underground_operationsUnderground warfare is not new. Since ancient and medical times warfighters have often used subterranean passages, natural or man made, to gain access into enemy fortifications and escape siege. In modern times, underground warfare has been utilised primarily in guerrilla, enabling a weaker side to combat militarily superior opponent, taking advantage of tunnels, caves and other underground infrastructures prepared in advance as part of an orderly military strategy. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Update: FAA lifts flight restriction on Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport, Jul 24, 2014Delta, US Air and have cancelled their flights to Israel today, following an FAA notice concerning the airport safety, following a missile strike at a nearby town.One day after restricting U.S. airlines from flying to Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport for security concerns, the FAA has lifted its restriction after reviewing ‘significant new information and measures the Government of Israel is taking to mitigate potential risks to civil aviation next day the agency lifted its restriction’, the agency announced around midnight, July 23rd. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • HMS QE2 floats for the first time as outgoing carrier Illustrious retires Jul 23, 2014hms_illustriusThe UK’s largest ever warship, HMS Queen Elizabeth, has been successfully floated out of the dock in which she was assembled. The dock she vacates will be used for final assembly of her sister ship, HMS Prince of Wales, which will begin in September. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Integrator UAV Completes 24 hour flight test Jul 22, 2014integrator800The Integrator unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has recently completed a 24-hour flight, demonstrating the platform’s expanded endurance and increased gross take-off weight. Integrator is providing the aerial platform for the US Marine Corps’ RQ-21A Blackjack small tactical UAS. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Israel launches a ground campaign in Gaza Jul 17, 201410411189_810958685593670_3152760127972507596_nFollowing ten days of aerial and naval attacks on terror targets in the Gaza strip, and continuous rocket fire against Israeli towns and villages by Palestinian terror groups from Gaza, Israel is increasing the pressure on Hamas in Gaza launching a ground operation within the Gaza Strip. The forces moved on 22:00 Israel Time (20:00 GMT) Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Cyber Intelligence Report – July 15, 2014 Jul 15, 2014inssIn this edition: Operation Protective Edge hits cyber realm | Operation Protective Edge in cyber industry | U.S. engaged in talks with China regarding cyber spying activity | DOD bolstering cyber security resources within civilian and military networks | South Africa’s cyber crime increases | Cyber security issues take center stage at 5th Kenya Internet Governance Forum | New Australian Center for Cyber Security | North Korea expanding cyber power | France creating national cyber reserve unit | Norway financial institutions under cyber-attack by Anonymous | NATO approves establishment of military Cyber-Polygon-Base Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Israel scrambles the 8th Iron Dome unit with David’s Sling elements Jul 11, 2014The EL/M-2284 Multi-Mode Radar produced by IAI Elta for the David's Sling, is now committed to the new Iron Dome unit. Photo: IMODAmidst operation ‘Protective Edge’, and under barrages of rockets fired from Gaza, Israel is deploying the 8th Iron Dome battery, a step that will extend the nation’s defense against those rockets. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditDiggTumblrTwitterPocket