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    • How mature is PyongYang’s submarine launched missile program? Nov 22, 2014 North Korea recently conducted a test of an ejection launcher that U.S. intelligence agencies assess is part of Pyongyang’s recently discovered submarine-launched ballistic missile program. Despite those alleged facts, analysts question the maturity of the North Korean missile submarine program. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Pentagon awards US$4.1 Bn for 43 F-35s Nov 22, 2014 Lockheed Martin has been awarded additional a $4,123 million contract, as a modification to the F-35 program, for the production of 43 F-35s under the eighth Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP Lot VIII) lot of the F-35 Lightning II aircraft. The Pentagon claimed the cost of the current lot reflects a reduction of 3.6 percent over LRIP VII. More reductions will come into effect in the next batch of production. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditTumblrTwitterPocket
    • European Air Forces to get AESA radars for their Typhoons Nov 21, 2014 The Eurofighter Typhoon will be equipped with Captor E – a new generation of electronically scanned radar to be produced by a consortium of European electronics companies lead by Selex, Indra and Airbus Defense and Space. The contract worth about 1 billion euro ( £800 million ) covers the development of the new, multi-tasking radar Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditTumblrTwitterPocket
    • France orders 12 “Phoenix” aerial refuellers from Airbus for €3 Billion Nov 21, 2014 Airbus Defence and Space has been selected by the French Ministry of Defence to supply 12 A330 MRTT new generation air-to-air refuelling aircraft for the French Air Force. The first delivery of the first “Phoenix” is foreseen for 2018, followed by the second in 2019, and then at a rate of one or two per year. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Russia could sue France for failing to deliver amphibious ship Nov 21, 2014 Russia’s envoy to NATO, Alexander Grushko said that Moscow will not rule out legal action against France if it fails to honor its contractual obligation to to deliver the two Mistral-class amphibious assault ships. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Defense-Update 2014 Reader Survey Nov 21, 2014 We invite you to participate in our annual reader survey – help us better prepare our editorial plan to meet your expectations – by answering few, short questions… Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Airshow China Photo Report – Robotics Nov 14, 2014 Sharp Claw 2 wheeled 6×6 UGV, an unmanned platform designed for combat recce, patrol, assault and transport missions. The system is designed to move and perform its mission along manned units, assisting war fighters by carrying missions of high risk or sustaining the unit by carrying heavy weights. It can also deploy additional UGVs, designed for specific missions such as Sharp Claw 1 tracked small UGV, deployed as an armed or unarmed UGV on indoors operations and counter IEDs. The Crew Task Support Unmanned Mobile Platform is a lightweight unmanned all-terrain vehicle which can carry the weapons, equipment and personal supplies of an infantry squad. The 6×6 vehicle has four operating modes – manned drive, remote control, semi autonomous and full autonomous. The photo shows the sensor package employed with the vehicle to support autonomous operation. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Airshow China Photo Report – Air Defense Nov 14, 2014 Sky Dragon 50 medium range SAM displayed by NORINCO. The system is designed for low, medium and high altitude air defense at ranges of 50 km. The SAM unit comprises a single IBIS 150 3D target designation radar and one fire distribution vehicle, controlling 2-6 mobile fire units each carrying four launchers. Sky Dragon 12 – An integrated, mobile SHORAD system similar to the Russian KBP Pantsir S1 system. Sky Dragon 12 has an effective range of 12 km, and altitude of 5 km. The radar and battle management system can be integrated with 35mm AA guns to form an integrated forward-based air defense weapon system. LY-80 medium range SAM from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. (CASC) providing area air defense of critical assets. The system employs a multifunction phased array tracking and guidance radar searching at ranges up to 140 km. The system uses a combined guidance system employing both ground illuminating and semi-active homing, at ranges up to 85km. Interception altitude from ground level to 15 km, at ranges of 3.5-40 km. I-6 short range air defense system. The I-6 integrates the HQ-6 missile system and 7 barrel 30mm anti-aircraft artillery and command and control vehicle carrying a low-altitude search and target acquisition radar. Both gun and missiles are designed to provide a terminal defensive layer protecting the I-9 weapon system against air attacks by stand-off precision guided weapons, covering medium to low altitude. Several Chinese companies have displayed advanced medim range air defense systems at Airshow China 2014. This variant, the FD-2000 was offered by CPIMEC to Turkey. The photo shows the Transporter-Erector-Launcher (TEL) and radar associated with the system. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditTumblrTwitterPocket
    • Airshow China 2014 Photo Report – Strike Weapons Nov 14, 2014 NORINCO unveiled two variants of the King Dragon family of guided rockets, launched from the SR5 multiple rocket launcher. The King Dragon 60(GR1) 220mm laser terminal guided rocket and fire Dragon 40 122mm guided rocket systems. King Dragon provides highly accurate rocket attack using INS/GPS and laser homing guidance. SM5 can carry 12 such rockets. The Fire Dragon 40(BRE) can be employed with NORINCO Type 81, 90B, SR4 and SR5 MLRS, as well as the standard BM-21 (Grad). The guidance method was not mentioned but is assumed to be INS/GPS. To provide the course correction necessary for precision strike the rockets 220mm and 122mm rockets are also provided with pulser or canard controls. To provide precision target acquisition for the rocket unit NORINCO is offering an unarmed rocket carrying reconnaissance systems. SR5 guided MLRS is a short-medium range universal launching platform designed to deploy several types of rockets in a common launcher. It can carry the 122mm and 220mm guided or unguided rockets including terminal-homing rockets. WJ-600A/D high altitude and high speed UAV designed for aerial recce and strike. It is equipped with EO and SAR payloads, and carries small air-to-ground precision weapons with a combined weight of 130kg. The drone can loiter at an altitude of 8000 meters for 5 hours, cruising at a speed of 500 – 700 km/h. The WJ-600A/D is launched with a rocket booster and recovered by parachute and airbag. The CM-510GA is a multi-purpose tactical precision attack missile. The autonomous guided missile that weighs 100 kg is designed to attack point targets at distances of up to 40 km. The heavier CM-501G (150 kg) variant has a range of 70 km and optional ‘cooperative engagement’ capability hinting some type of target updating functions which could consist of laser seeker. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. (CASC) unveiled at ...
    • China unveils man portable copy of the Israeli Spike and US Javelin missile Nov 13, 2014 A man portable guided missile system, the Red Arrow 12 is similar to the Israeli Spike MR, another version of the missile seems a copy of the US Javelin. Share this:SharePrintEmailStumbleUponRedditTumblrTwitterPocket




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