RADA to Deliver Tactical Air Surveillance Radar to a European Customer


Israel’s defense electronics company RADA Electronic Industries announced it has recently received an order to supply an RPS-42 tactical air surveillance radar to a leading European defense contractor. The new radar, a member of RADA’s S-band multi-mission hemispheric radar (MHR) family of systems, will be delivered later this year. According to company sources, several customers have selected the RPS-42 for aerial surveillance missions.

MHR is a software-defined, Pulse-Doppler, active, electronically scanned array (AESA) radar. It has sophisticated beam-forming capabilities and advanced signal processing. Derivatives of the MHR radar can be configured to perform multiple missions thus offering an affordable alternative to much larger systems.

As an aerial surveillance radar the RPS-42 variant is designed to detect and track multiple aerial targets, ranging from transport aircraft and high performing fighter aircraft — down to the smallest multi-copter nano UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

“We are very pleased with this order. While the order is not large, it comes from a new customer and we believe it confirms our global presence in this growing market. The European market is demonstrating increased interest in our radars and inertial navigation systems and is gradually becoming one of our major markets,” said Zvi Alon, RADA’s CEO.