Lightweight Armor-Piercing Multi-Hit Insert (LAPMI), a follow-on to the combat proven Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) currently produced by Simula. While SAPI is already providing good protection against the most common threats (over 250,000 already deployed), manufacturers are seeking weight saving, improved ballistic performance, especially multi-hit durability, and improved comfort. LAPMI weighs up to 1.70 – 3.25 kg (depending on size) and offers three-shot multi-hit protection against 5.56x45mm AP, 7.62x51mm (M80) FMJ ball round, 7.62x54R mm type LPS Dragunov round and 7.62mm APM2 armor piercing rounds. Its multi-curved geometry and modular design enable effective fit for most users, both male and female. Logistical advantages include a common design for fore and back inserts, high durability to drop and vibration, and improved resistance after exposure to hot or cold temperatures, diesel fuel, water or oil and direct fire.

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