M395 Precision Guided Mortar Munition (PGMM)


M395 Precision Guided Mortar Munition (PGMM) is under development at ATK. The weapon will provide the tactical commander with ‘surgical’ strike capability, to destroy high value / high risk targets. The new bomb retains the dimensions and logistics of standard 120mm bombs. The PGMM projectile flies ballistically to a laser-designated target, maneuvers in flight, and delivers its warhead for maximum effectiveness while minimizing collateral damage. Its modular design allows enhancements to meet future combat soldier requirements in range and lethality. For guidance it uses quadruple laser sensors, located at four slotted windows around. Once a laser spot illuminated the target is detected, miniature charges attached around the bomb’s outer skin are activated to adjust the bomb’s trajectory to accurately hit the target. ATK also utilized the advanced MOFA fuse to achieve optimal terminal effect when defeating bunkers and built-up targets. Using such munitions could increase the future effective range from 0.5 up to 15km. PGMM will not use rocket assistance for range enhancement, but utilize aerodynamic surfaces for the mid-course gliding. On the terminal phase, a semi-active laser homing seeker acquires the target and guide the munition to impact. Initial productions of the PGMM will be equipped with semi-active laser seekers, and be capable of a range of 7.5 km. Follow-on systems could have optional thermal imager, and extended range capability, as well as more choices for fuzes and warheads. The IR seeker will detect and classify targets, process the information automatically into navigation (GPS), guidance and control subsystems to ensure first-hit-on-target. A self-destruct mechanism eliminates the collateral damage from duds, for advancing troops. PGMM Passes PDR By early January 2006 ATK and the U.S. Army have successfully completed the preliminary design review (PDR) of the Precision Guided Mortar Munition (PGMM). The PDR is one of several milestones in the program launched in late 2004. The next milestone is the critical design review in 2006. According to the schedule, low rate initial production is to begin in 2008, leading to the fielding of the new munition by 2010. The Army is considering an earlier fielding date of 2009 given success in system demonstrations planned for 2006-07. PGMM will give U.S. soldiers unmatched precision capability in a standard 120mm mortar. Launched from the currently-fielded 120mm mortar tube, PGMM will fly in excess of seven kilometers and hit its target with one meter accuracy. “PGMM will give the maneuver commander his own multipurpose indirect fire precision strike munition. This highly affordable munition will quickly eliminate high value targets without causing collateral damage,” said LTC (P) Andre Kirnes, Product Manager for Mortar Systems.