Honeywell and SiOptical Inc. announced a collaboration for the development of a new opto-electronic processing and communications networking a platform, which will offer the production of cost effective optoelectronic component by the end of 2005. New Serializer / Deserializer (SerDes) components are expected to provide advanced serial architecture for military, aerospace and commercial high-speed servers of communications networking systems, and Opto-electronic Application Specific Integrated Subsystems (OASIS). Such capabilities are required to support increased data speed and bandwidth requirements.

According to Kal Shastri, SiOptical Chief Executive Officer, by “monolithically integrating optics with state-of-the-art commercial Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology, bring optics to the same level of integration, scalability and manufacturability as CMOS technology.” Grenville Hughes, Product Line Manager, Honeywell Defense Space & Electronic Systems expects that “next-generation communications systems to significantly exceed performance of systems with SerDes. This will result in a new, cost effective optoelectronic component by the end of 2005”. Honeywell anticipates SerDes technology being available in 2005 and OASIS technology in 2006.

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