SRAMS Super Rapid Advanced Mortar


Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System (SRAMS) – both 120mm mortar systems. Since the system uses along (2.5 meter) barrel, loading was a considerable challenge, which was solved by the application of an automatic muzzle loading system. This addition provides SRAMS with automatic operation and high rate of fire of up to 18 rounds per minute. To sustain such a rapid firing rate, the company developed a unique patented cooling system and a breech valve that removes trapped air from the tube and enables the bomb to fall freely into the barrel significantly reducing the loading sequence. The mortar is designed to produce low recoil forces of less than 20 tons. SRAMS weighs 2 tons and can be operated autonomously, by computer control and automatic laying which offers response time is less than 60 seconds. It fires standard or extended range munitions, to ranges of 9 to 13 km (assisted ammunition). The mortar system can be installed on lightweight chassis. It was demonstrated at Asian Aerospace 2004 mounted on a Bronco tracked utility vehicle.

Manufacturer: Singapore Technologies Kinetics (Singapore)