An innovative spray-on armor protection system is currently being evaluated for potential use in Iraq. The system, developed by a British company uses DynaShield SPI blast and ballistic resistant polymer, which can be sprayed on existing surfaces (such as vehicle’s body parts). When the polymer dries, it provides additional protection, at lower weight compared to comparable protection provided by add-on steel plates.

A 3/4 inch layer of DynaShield SPI demonstrated ballistic protection similar to a 3/8 inch thick steel plate (RHA). A 0.2″ steel plate covered with 3/4″ DynaShield SPI stopped 0.50 Cal bullet at 2736 fps, and multiple shots of 7.62x54mm at 2741 ft/sec. DynaShield SPI can be applied in the field to existing surfaces and structures, without modifications or redesign. It can also be applied to protect shelters or fortifications.

DynaShield SPI also provides a reactive sealant; protecting forward positioned fuel storages. The polymer is sprayed on regular barrels, to protect from leakage of hazardous or flammable liquids. The spray-on polymer seals the barrel after it is penetrated by multiple bullet hits and prevents further leakage from the perforated barrel.

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