The Tactical Mini UAV (TACMAV) system is operating with special operations forces, and is currently evaluated by the US Army for deployment with lower echelon units deployed in Iraq. TACMAV system includes three aerial vehicles, modular payloads, and ground control unit and communications equipment. The MAV has a cruising speed of 80 kph.

The 50 cm long miniature drone has a wing span of 53 cm. It uses flexible wings which can be folded around its fuselage, allowing the entire UAV to be stored in a 56 cm long, 13 cm diameter tube carried soldier’s backpack. When pulled out of the tube, the folded wings automatically snap into place.

TACMAV uses a payload pod containing two color CCD cameras and a video transmitter, weighing only 40 gram. The total payload capacity of the TACMAV is 80 gram. The user can select forward or side looking camera. 15 frame “snapshots” can be used to recorded target of interest. The battery operated vehicle has an endurance of 30-50 minutes, using rechargeable lithium polymer cells. Higher capacity cells can extend the mission twofold. The GCU is running standard Air Force Portable Flight Planning System (PFPS) interface for mission planning, supporting pre-flight planning, in-flight updates and manual control.