Mounted Battle Command On The Move (MBCOTM)


Current MBCOTM systems comprise of Bradley, Stryker Command Variant (CV) and Humvee. Each vehicle is equipped with multiple SINCGARS systems, mobile satellite terminal, and is wired to support multiple workstations with complete access through Keyboard, Video Mouse (KVM) supporting Army Battle Command Systems (ABCS) applications hosted on Multiple Processing Units (MPU). Such applications include MCSFBCB2, ASAS, AFATDS, AMDWS, and GCCS-A. All applications are interconnected, and are networked to external elements via wireless networking through EPLRS, NTDR, or AN/VRC-103 (which also enables satellite communications).

The vehicle is also equipped with a 64kb INMARSAT satellite link for satellite voice and limited data communication. Enhanced performance are is expected, with follow-on systems, offering up to 512kb on the move. Current broadband connectivity is maintained when the command elements stops for a brief halt, when the MBCOTM links with the Secure, Mobile, Antijam, Reliable Tactical Terminal (SMART-T) following the command team, is linking it through a MILSTAR Medium Data Rate satellite. The MBCOTM vehicles are currently tested by the Army. Initial fielding of command Humvees is expected for 2006, followed by Stryker CV and Bradleys in 2007 and 2008.