Helmet Mounted Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) – Military Applications


OLED displays are rapidly maturing into operational systems, as part of infantry combat suits, dismounted command, control  and situational awareness displays, integrated virtual training systems, and other applications.  eMagin and Kaiser electro-optics are already cooperating on the development of full-color OS-35 monocular viewer which is coupled with the Dual Aperture Visible Sensor DAVS 100 used with land warrior suits.

DVAS 100 uses two cameras mounted on the weapon, providing wide and narrow field of views with x1.5 and x6 magnifications. Each is provided with x12 digital zoom. DVAS camera image is viewed on the OS-35 display image, overlaid on computer generated cues or images, when required. Another OLED application is the Liteye 450 helmet mounted display. Weighing in at less than 100 gr., the monocular display houses all the electronics inside the pod for simple ‘plug and play’ mobile computing operation. The device can be used on left or right eye and is compatible with the PVS-14 military helmet mount, where it snaps into the place of the NVG tube.

The Z800 3D visor offers immersion-capable 3D computing experience, enabling the soldier or analyst to be surrounded with visual data they need to conduct realistic training. The viewer comprises two Organic LED (OLED) micro-displays providing full-motion stereo video in 16.7 million colors. The unit has built-in head tracker providing 360 degrees angle of view.