The design of the Akash (Sky) surface to air missile, which demonstrated its performance during live fire tests on January 30, 2006, is based on the Russian Kub / Kvadrat (NATO code name SA-6 Gainful) missile, but the AKASH and its subsystems were developed, and are being produced by India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). The 700 kg missile is equipped with a 55kg warhead and is designed to intercept multiple targets at ranges up to 27 km and altitudes from tree top level to 18 kilometers. An integral element of the Akash system is Rajendra, which consists of a multi-function, phased array radar and a battery command and control center. Rajendra provides air surveillance, target tracking, missile acquisition, missile guidance and launcher control. The AKASH / Rajendra system is designed especially for multi-mission performance and has extensive ECCM capability.

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