Unmanned turrets at the 2006 Eurosatory Exhibition

The Patria Advanced Modular armored Vehicle fitted with the Rafael Samson 30mm remotely operated weapon station. Photo: Patria

Elbit Systems displayed its dual-axis stabilized 30 mm cannon, recently selected by Belgium for its new MOWAG Piranha Armored Infantry Vehicle (AFV). A similar system will be installed on the Portugese Army Pandur II 8×8 AFV as part of a $32 million order. This system recently completed tests in Finland, on a Patria AMV armored vehicle, firing effectively at moving targets, while stationary or moving, at ranges of 1 – 2.7km. Assisted by the system’s automatic target tracker, the gun scored 90% hits of all rounds fired in field tests. (A similar program is underway with the Slovenian Army. However, the weapon station’s provider has not been announced yet.)

RAFAEL recently reported the receipt of a $120 million order for providing 30mm elevated unmanned weapon stations for Pandur II 8×8 vehicles, which were recently adopted by the Czech army.

Remotely operated weapon stations are not limited to the small arms – GIAT is pursuing similar capabilities with the TOUTATIS 40mm remote-controlled turret demonstrator designed for integration in current or future combat vehicles (EBRC and FRES are currently being considered as platforms for this design). The system utilizes the CDI 40mm automatic, case telescopic weaponsystem firing at a maximum rate of 200 rounds per minute.

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