Lightweight Machine Gun & Ammunition (LMGA)


The LMGA program aims to reduce weapon weight by 35 percent and ammunition weight carried by the infantryman by over 40 percent, while taking up less volume. The program also aims to improve ergonomics, reduce training and maintenance time, and ensure compatibility with the Future Force Warrior (FFW) Soldier System. (GDATP previously proposed its design for the XM312 Lightweight .50 Caliber Machine Gun).

General Dynamics Advanced Technology Products and AAI Corp have been awarded in 2004 with competitive Phase I design contracts of the Lightweight Machine Gun and Ammunition (LMGA). The program is managed by the US Army Joint Service Small Arms Program office (JSSAP). The nine months competitive design will result in the selection of a single system contractor for Phase 2 fabrication and testing, and Phase 3 final testing, a total development value estimated at $24 – 32 million for all phases.