An Armored Troop Carrier for the FCS

The Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) will be part of the Future Combat Systems Brigade Combat Team (BCT). It will carry a crew of 11 (commander, driver and 9 soldier infantry squad). Powered by a new hybrid electric system, ICV will share a common platform with other Manned Ground Vehicles (MGV) components. Its weight and external dimensions will enable transportation in both C-17 and C-130 aircraft.

The main difference between ICV and other MGV will be the composition of the armor, which will be based on lightweight combination of titanium and composite-ceramic armor, optimized for deployability while maintaining high ballistic protection. The ICV will be armed with remotely operated turret mounting the Mk-44 30mm cannon and 7.62 machine gun. It will have an integrated survivability approach, comprised of advanced armor, active protection systems, and multi-function countermeasures, including threat warning sensors, signature management and NBC protection.

Every ICV in the FCS BCT will be equipped with a JTRS radio, satellite communications terminal and networked data-link. An integrated computer system will host the “system of systems common operating environment” (SOSCOE). The vehicle will be equipped with various daylight, IR and radar sensors, autonomous navigation system, threat warning laser and EO sensors and will maintain a constant link to the army C4ISR network (WIN-T), enabling mounted warfighters an access to the entire spectrum of firepower, communications and recce assets while employing own lethal fire.

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