STORM H – Individual RCIED Jammer


STORM H is an individual, wearable Radio-Controlled IED (RCIED) counter-measure jammer, designed to protect dismounted troops on foot patrols. The device is sized similar to a hand-held radio, and can be worn in a pouch or pocket, or clipped to webbing.

These new devices enable dismounted troops to safely move away from the restricted field of operation immediately surrounding an ECM vehicle or the ECM member of a foot patrol, enabling each individual soldier to move freely, taking their IED protection with them.

The system covers the 20-470 Mhz waveband with fully programmable control, enabling mission profiling, interoperability with communications systems an operational flexibility, making it adaptable to changing threat environments. The man portable system is a low power module. When mounted in the vehicular docking station, a power amplifier is used to boost the signal to 10 watts, thereby increasing the protection bubble while charging the batteries.

Manufacturer: Thales