At Eurosatory 2008 KMW unveiled the GP-F2T prototype, carrying the Fennek platform into a modular, scalable design. GP-F2T is a generic, flexible platform which could be tailored to different missions. Accommodating a wider variety of mission payloads, the GP-F2T can be designed with a larger crew and payload compartment, and elevating mast. It is fitted with two engines (fore and aft location) separately powering the front and rear axels, offering dual redundant propulsion and automotive system and better maneuverability and cross-country mobility. The dual engine configuration provides engine output of over 20 kW per ton vehicle weight allowing the vehicle to negotiate 60% forward slopes and up to 30 percent side slopes, traveling over 1,000 km range. This air-transportable vehicle is designed to be self sufficient on an independent mission for up to five days.

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