New Upgrades for the Bradley


BAE Systems Introduce M2A2/A3 Technology Demonstrator

The Bradley Technology Demonstrator (TD) developed by BAE Systems introduces system upgrades designed to support the future modular Heavy Brigade Combat Teams (HBCTs), ensuring current forces’ compatibility with FCS. The Bradley TD is developed as a risk reduction initiative, evaluating FCS compatible enhancements on current platforms. The Bradley TD mounts an automatic, remotely controlled 30/40 mm Mk44 cannon, configured in a remotely controlled version of the Bradley turret. Most of the vetronics systems were relocated to the turret, clearing much needed hull space. The removal of the turret bustle and fuel tanks cleared significant extra space in the hull, increasing the capacity of the vehicle to 12 (the driver, commander, gunner and nine troops).

The commander’s thermal sight is combined with remotely controlled light automatic weapon (M-249) forming an independent weapon system. Armor protection is enhanced with appliqué ceramic side armor, installed between the base armor and reactive tiles. A new feature tested with the Bradley TD is Panoramic Vision, an ensemble of video cameras mounted at each corner to provide the crew a panoramic vision of the vehicle’s surroundings. All systems and displays support virtual, simulated and live training enabling the crew with to train on-board their combat vehicle.

The Bradley TD is fitted with double-pin track offering safer and quieter ride on hard surfaces. Crew and passenger seats are suspended and fitted with shock absorbing. For extended silent watch operations, the vehicle is equipped with an auxiliary power unit. To improve maintenance and support, the Bradley TD is equipped with embedded diagnostics and on-vehicle level 1 IETM improving maintenance and support.