RMG – A new Multi-Purpose Assault Weapon from Bazalt


The Russian company Bazalt has introduced two new members to the RPG family of weapon – the RPG-28 anti-tank tandem rocket and the RMG multi-purpose, anti-material rocket. Both are launched from disposable canisters. The RPG-28 has a 125mm warhead using a tandem warhead to penetrate armored vehicles protected by reactive armor. The weight of a loaded launcher is 13.5 kg and the effective aiming range is about 300 meters. The RMG also uses a tandem warhead but is optimized as multi-purpose anti-structure munition.

It is capable of breaching a brick wall at a range over 500 meters, penetrate 300 mm of reinforced concrete or over 100 mm or homogeneous steel armor. Its tandem warhead has a shaped charge precursor and a 10.5 cm diameter main warhead made of high explosive Thermobaric charge. It is designed to explode within the target or on impact, selectable by the user. RMG has an effective direct fire range of 130 meters.