International Armored Vehicles Event Gathers Momentum


Total Mobility Vehicle is unveiling at the International Armored Vehicles a new family of vehicles designed for extreme off-road mobility. Known as the TMV 6x6M, the off-road utility vehicle is the first of a series of such vehicles, designed for military applications. A civil configuration is also in development.

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The TMV 6x6M has an armour-clad, fully enclosed “bath tub” hull that houses all major components, offering significantly greater protection from mines and IEDs than conventional vehicles. Additional protection to the crew and passengers is provided by a composite cab and composite rear pod for troop carrying applications. the vehicle is designed to provide high levels of protection against ballistic threats.

Oshkosh Defence will showcase their vehicle armoring capabilities at International Armored Vehicles taking place on the 1st to the 5th February, at the ExCel Centre, London.

As calls across the globe for improved equipment to be provided to troops in Afghanistan, Oshkosh have received significant praise from the U.S Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, who claims that Oshkosh’s rapid build up of a new class of military vehicles designed for specifically for Afghanistan, is one of the most remarkable efforts in the defense industry since World War II.

Oshkosh will be exhibiting their new SandCat, the high-speed, highly-protected, highly-maneuverable vehicle that can be specifically configured to fulfill a variety of roles in any type of mission.  The SandCat is tailored to meet operational environments, giving the perfect balance of mission performance, protection and payload to meet rigorous demands.

The exhibition, which is taken place alongside the main conference at International Armored Vehicles, is attracting a huge amount of interest from the AFV community, with over 50 exhibitors signed up already. Oshkosh will be joined by an array of vehicle manufacturers and major OEMs, vehicle system suppliers and service providers. Companies include Force Protection, Iveco, MDH Bioquell, Hutchison and Tyron.

At a time when military, political and industrial imperatives come to the fore, International Armoured Vehicles is an event that is pertinent to the AFV community.

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In addition to the recently confirmed SandCat, other vehicles to be displayed at the exhibition are TMV’s new 6x6M and IVECO’s LMV.

Over 90 companies have already registered as sponsors and exhibitors at the event, among the highlights already announced are :

  • RUAG will discuss armor protection capabilities developed to protect forces deployed in AFghanistan
  • RAFAEL will highlight the company’s Defensive Aid Suites
  • CST will introduce advanced surveillance means,improving survivability
  • DuPont will discuss how spall liner reduces fatalities in combat vehicles
  • NBC Filtration Solutions to be presented by Beth El Industries
  • Mine detection system from NIITEK and Rafael’s active protection system
  • Presentations showcasing in-theatre applications of new technologies including RUAG’s add-on armour and DuPont’s spall liners

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