Singaporean-Israeli JV Announced


Singapore’s StartechSystems Ltd. and the Israeli company Aeronautics Defense Systems have established a joint venture positioned to tap the growing market in Asia for unmanned systems. The JV, called Startech Aeronautics Pte. will provide operations and support of unmanned systems and will also provide manufacturing facilities for systems destined for the Asian market.

Aeronautics offers a range of aerial, land and naval unmanned systems, as well as supporting systems and technologies. Specialized in aerial surveillance, Startech, relies on in-house developed video processing technologies for services it provides to the government and commercial customers. “Startec has emerged as a global leader in intelligent vision which is key to unmanned vehicles and surveillance” said Dr. David K.M. Chew, Executive Chairman of Startech.“ He added that Startec will work wit Aeronautics to develop new applications for UAVs, addressing the growing civil and homeland security market, such as search and rescue, disaster response, anti-piracy and infrastructure surveillance. The company’s iFerret system used for airport safety and security surveillance could be integrated with existing UAV systems to provide advanced battle damage assessment, Chew said.

Aeronautics hopes its unmanned DA-42 surveillance aircraft being developed in association with Diamond Aircraft could find a market in the region. While the JV is craving its position in the market as a UAV service provider, it could also seize opportunities for cooperation, introducing its advanced sub-systems to a number of local initiatives with commercial, research and government operations integrated into smaller unmanned aircraft and unmanned boats, being developed in Singapore. ”This partnership is a major milestone for Aeronautics, as it establishes its position at the forefront of the Asian UVS market” Alon Weisz, Chief Business development at Aeronautics told Show News. “Both companies are technology oriented, and, together we create a game changing power in the market”.