The IDF is equipping Merkava Mk4 tanks deployed along the gaza border with newly acquired M329 HIgh Explosive Multi-Purpose rounds, enhancing the tank cannon capability to engage a wide range of targets. Photos: IMI

The IDF is equipping the Merkava Mk4 deployed along the Gaza strip with M329 High-Explosive/Multi-Purpose (HE/MP) 120mm tank rounds.

The newly developed tank round is based on the perception of using one kind of round against a wide range of targets and scenarios in the modern battlefield, ultimately decreasing the different kinds of tank rounds used before. The fuse of the tank round is programmable after it is loaded in the chamber, enabling the crewmen increased capability in both handling and in accomplishing News Releasetheir goals in all fighting scenarios- against fortifications, urban structures, Light Armored Vehicles (LAVs), as well as, anti-tank and ambush infantry squads.

When used against fortified structures or bunkers, the round effectively penetrates the obstacle before detonating, scattering thousands of deadly fragments inside.

These tanks were also fitted with Trophy active protection systems (APS), following recent attacks by Palestinian Kornet missiles. In a recent missile attack launched early January 2011 the missile penetrated the armor but did cause casualties of further damage to the tank.

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